Stabilizing Metaverse Economies

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Let’s shoot for the next billion.

The Ubiquity Dollar (uAD) is a scalable, sovereign and borderless digital currency. Unlike other decentralized stablecoins, uAD has been designed from the beginning to scale to billions of users.

Adaptable & sustainable

Ubiquity created a modular and upgradable strategy system to continuously optimize stability incentives.

Earn yield by staking

Stake your uAD LP tokens to earn seigniorage and governance token rewards.

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Decentralized Governance

The community of UBQ token holders decide how the Ubiquity Dollar Protocol evolves.

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Join our powerful crypto ecosystem

We're actively building partnerships to expand to apps and services to integrate uAD, including wallets, DeFi platforms, GameFi projects and more.

Earn LP Incentives in Two Ways

Governance token rewards as well as seigniorage rewards.*